Road bike pedals are usually clipless, and the standard choice for serious road riders. These pedals take SPD-SL cleats, which offer a single entry point and maintain a close connection between your shoe and the pedal itself. For mountain biking, riders choose either flat pedals or clipless. MTB clipless is slightly different from the road variation, as they use a small SPD style cleat instead of the bigger three-bolt version. SPD also has a benefit of a slimmer overall profile than SPD-SL and offers two entry points compared to one. This double-sided design makes it easier to clip back in when heading down a trail or cross country run. Flat mountain bike pedals are the alternative, and while they don't offer the same connected feeling as being clipped in, some riders prefer being able to put a foot down without having to worry about clipping back in. For general riding, such as commuting or recreational, we would recommend a pair of flat platform pedals. While they don't offer the same power transfer, the flexibility of jumping on and off the bike without worry is the main benefit.